Town Home Living

Town home living can be a welcome change to a family from single family home ownership or a nice option for first time home buyers. What used to be weekend projects around the house can turn into weekend fun when the work is done on someone else’s time. Homeowner association fees are charged for this luxury and there are certain guidelines that must be followed.

Living in a town home can be a welcome change when downsizing or a fresh start for a growing family moving to a new area not to mention first time home buyers. Upkeep outside is done for the home owner, no more spreading mulch, cutting the grass, trimming trees and shrubs although there are certain flowers that can be planted when checking with your handbook. The roof, siding, front stoop and cement are also items now handled by the association. Sometimes assessments do occur when an unexpected expense happens such as a large snowfall year totaling more than what the HOA planned for in their budget.

Town home sizes are very different just as home square footage varies from house to house. Some town homes can be immense with soaring ceilings, gourmet kitchens, spa retreat baths and oversized secondary bedrooms. They can be equipped and have two car garages and full basements in some cases as well. For some this is a very good option when trying to get into a certain neighborhood where the single family home prices are out of reach but ample space is still on the wish list.

There are monthly or quarterly meetings where the home owners get together with the association to discuss spending, future plan for the community and complaints if there are any residents not adhering to guidelines indicated in their hand book. There is a book of guidelines given to the new owner at closing which states all the rules and regulations of the town home association. Usually everyone is respectful of others and everyone lives together with no issues but on rare occasion you can get a resident that didn’t read the book per say.

In town homes you will find a great variety of people from retirees, single, young to midsized families all living in the community together which makes for a nice mix unless you are purchasing in a 55 or older development where children are not permitted. There are amenities you may otherwise do without such as community pool, walking trails, tennis, basketball courts and play areas for the kids.

All and all town home living has many perks to be enjoyed by all, including myself after being a homeowner all my adult life now living with three children and my spouse in a 2,500 square foot unit and loving every minute of it.


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