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Graduation Party 2012 by Julie-sama (in News) - Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 @ 7:45:03 AM

Greetings Caine,
We have a large number of people graduating this year, and would like to give them the proper send off that they deserve.  As such, an informal get together will be held at Peaches and Gradon's place on Saturday May 5th, starting at 8pm.  This is a BYOB event, so as not to tax the gracious hospitality of our hosts. 

Currently we have volunteers for a batch of the Tom.  We also have a meat dish of some kind, an appetizer of some kind, something vegetarian, a desert of some kind, and what ever else people bring.  My suggestion would be for those of you who plan on drinking/aren't underage banned, bring some sort of spirited drink and or mixer.  For the young ones among us snacks, food, and non-spirited beverages are also appreciated.   

I know this falls during finals, but hopefully many of y'all will be able to come on out!  Come on it's a Caine Graduation party AND Cinco De Mayo.  You KNOW you want to come play with us ;).

Look forward to seeing y'all there! 

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CAINE 2012-2013 by Strategos Folken (in News) - Friday, March 16th, 2012 @ 5:44:57 AM

Alright everyone, I give you the officers for next year:

  • President - Julie
  • Vice-President - Morgan
  • Director of Funds - John
  • Co-Directors of Showings - Alison & Fawkes

Congratulations to everyone who ran! I expect great things next year.

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Superb Owl Party by miki_sei (in News) - Friday, February 3rd, 2012 @ 8:23:55 PM

I talked to a couple of people last night about hosting a Super Bowl party at my place on Sunday. Seems like enough people were interested that it was worth making it official.

I've already sent out a few invitations via Facebook, so you can check that out if you haven't already. I don't have a whole lot of space, but if you're really interested in coming and you haven't been invited, then post ITT and I'll PM you with details or add you to the Facebook event page.

P.S. There will be serious football-watching, so don't come if you can't stand 4 hours or so of gridiron.

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More Money for CAINE by ChenChilla (in News) - Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 @ 6:32:39 PM

hi guys

so tomorrow is the deadline for end of semester expenses for CAINE.  I am thinking about submitting a budget to increase CAINE's library collection.  I will approximate a budget tomorrow, but I don't know much about mangas so I need suggestions.

if you have any series you want to read, put its name here, and if you can, put a sentence on how it is educational or cultural enrichment.  you don't have to, or just make up some BS.  the hearing for the budget is still couple weeks from now.  no porn request please XD

also, who is planning to go to mangakat or mangacon or w/e that thing is.  How is it beneficial in addition to video games?  I can probably convince them to sponser a couple people if a can think of a good reason.

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CAINE MEETING in 120 Olson Hall for 9/3/2011 by ChibiDarkrunner (in News) - Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 @ 9:01:38 PM

Self explanatory

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